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Since 1909

…Chin Woo Association

The Cloud Forest Chin Woo Martial Arts Association in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA is a prestigious organization with true and indisputable documented genealogies of several famous Kung-Fu systems, including the famous Shaolin Five Family Fists and Internal Iron Palm, as well as the Emperor's Long Fist Tai-Chi system, dating back as far as 618 A.D. Tang Dynasty, 960 A.D. Sung Dynasty, and 1800 A.D. Ching Dynasty. Chin Woo Association was founded in Shanghai China in 1909, by the famous Huo Yuan-Jai (Jet Li's Character in “Fearless”).  We also offer 17 other martial arts systems.  

So come play with us.  We're kind of fun.

少 林 拳 太 祖 长 拳

Shao        Lin          Chuan        Tai            Zu         Chang      Chuan

traditional & Modern

Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Jujitsu, Ninjutso & Weapons.

We are unique.  We are huge supporters of all martial arts schools that teach martial ethics, and work to provide good self defense education to people.  We don't see that as business competition.  Our mission is to see the outreach of martial arts to the people.  But for those of you who wonder this direction, into our school.


We are a family-friendly college of martial arts.

This means that we are not just a school that teaches martial arts by one or two masters.  We are a school that has 20 different programs of study.  Forgive us if we don't update this number as our programs grow…we are the busy types.



The purpose of the Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association is to benefit human health and society, and to disseminate martial arts worldwide, the primary focus being to research the sciences of the Martial Arts as well as Eastern medicine, acupressure, massage, and health sciences both domestic and foreign. The Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association wishes to promote the gifts that the eastern cultures have to offer, and educate individuals and/or groups about those gifts, including creating an environment where underprivileged children and families may experience and utilize the various Martial Arts systems. We believe this is the true spirit of Chin Woo, as envisioned by Huo Yuan Jia.

Traditionally, the responsibility of training and teaching both medical and martial skills fell upon the shoulders of the Shaolin and Wu Tang temples. It is upon these principles and concepts that we have founded our organization and college, seeking to revive individuals whom have the experience and knowledge of past masters, in order to start a new era of “real” and respectable Chinese martial artists and medical practitioners.

There is a lot of history behind us…

The Chin Woo (Athletic) Association (sometimes spelled Jin Woo, Jing Woo or Ching Woo) was originally founded in Shanghai in March of 1909 by Master Huo Yuan-Jia of Tientsin China. Chin Woo means “The Essence of Martial Arts”. The “Cloud Forest” Chin Woo Martial Arts Association was established in 1996 in the USA as a non-profit organization by Grandmaster David E. Wei Kash, under the auspices of the Hong Kong Chin Woo Athletic Federation and registered with the Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation.  Now it is in the hands of Sifu Michael Johnson, as he works to combine the more modern day interpretations and styles into the traditional Shaolin system.

Build Community

We all know how important it is to surround ourselves with good positive influences.  

Increase Flexibility

Doing martial arts over time will make you more flexible, and this means less injury and soreness as you age!

Life Balance

Training to use your body as a weapon helps increase your awareness of the emotional & spiritual need for balance in your life.


Women's Self Defense…


Don't give in to the myth that you will be able to defend yourself without training.  You must prepare yourself for all the things you aren't expecting.


We never want to see any person abused.  Help us help you.

We teach because we know it saves lives.

Women don't have to be over-powered and scared.


But they do need to PREPARE AND TRAIN

Straight From the Dojo to the Street

We Believe in Quality

The Shaolin and Wu Tang martial arts were only selectively taught to certain individuals. A person would have to be of Royal Chinese Blood, well respected and high ranking in the Chinese Military, or be someone with traits of extremely high character, moral values, and dedication in order to be trained. More information is available on the Prospective Students page. Although during certain periods in China's history the general public was taught some martial arts skills during times of war and oppression, these skills were basic and minimal depending on the severity of the situation and were usually broken down to the point where a person could learn fairly quickly to be decent on the battlefield (keep in mind that even these basic skills were far advanced compared to the typical warfare of the day). This being the case, the number of people actually learning the complete Chinese Martial Arts systems were relatively few. It is for this reason that the Chinese masters have placed such an emphasis on genealogy of their systems along with a considerable amount of documentation (Our genealogies are listed on the main page for each system of study). A true master should be able to trace his system back, teacher by teacher, to a certain Temple, General, or Emperor…depending on the system of study.

Lil Ninjas for all ages

Let us teach your children about respecting authority figures, and what to do when approached by strangers.  We teach them leadership skills along with practical self defense in Karate and Kung Fu.

Weapons Training

Learn the traditional weapons from Okinawa, China & Japan

20 Different Styles

Cloud Forest Martial Arts College is located at the Greensboro Martial Arts Academy Sports Center.  Here you can explore which martial art fits best with you.  You have 20 different systems to choose from, each with their own Master to teach you.

good for family  bonds

Classes are scheduled through the nbc sports app

Our school tracks your progress and offers account access through a phone app, or you can log into your own account profile online.  Training videos will be available to students through app access or online access.

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