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少 林 拳 太 祖 长 拳
As a martial arts college, we train and educate students in both the traditional & modern styles of martial arts.  We do not feel that a single martial art will defend every person, in every situation, against every kind of opponent.  So we concentrate on self-defense and practical 'survive the encounter' training first, and integrate the more traditional style in after a good solid understanding of fighting is formed.
Martial Arts is beautiful, powerfully demanding physically and emotionally...but is meant for real combat situations.

Protecting ourselves should always be our responsibility

Not every martial art style will work for every person, of every body-type possible, in every self-defense situation. We plan to level the field by teaching what is necessary to further your chances of surviving.

Remember, you don't get to choose when you are attacked, nor how you are

attacked, and by whom you are attacked.

But you sure can influence it.

The Shaolin and Wu Tang martial arts were only selectively taught to certain individuals. A person would have to be of Royal Chinese Blood, well respected and high ranking in the Chinese Military, or be someone with traits of extremely high character, moral values, and dedication in order to be trained. More information is available on the Prospective Students page. Although during certain periods in China's history the general public was taught some martial arts skills during times of war and oppression, these skills were basic and minimal depending on the severity of the situation and were usually broken down to the point where a person could learn fairly quickly to be decent on the battlefield (keep in mind that even these basic skills were far advanced compared to the typical warfare of the day). This being the case, the number of people actually learning the complete Chinese Martial Arts systems were relatively few. It is for this reason that the Chinese masters have placed such an emphasis on genealogy of their systems along with a considerable amount of documentation (Our genealogies are listed on the main page for each system of study). A true master should be able to trace his system back, teacher by teacher, to a certain Temple, General, or Emperor…depending on the system of study.






Cloud Forest Chin Woo College of Martial Sciences, is formerly known as Greensboro Martial Arts Academy. We first opened the doors of Greensboro Martial Arts Academy in 2013, under the leadership of Sensei Sally Cochran. She wished to recreate the kind of martial arts school that she had grown up in, a place that she felt safe, and empowered. Her childhood school was run by Grandmaster Richard Gililand, who passed away in 2006. So in his honor, we created just that kind of environment, and to this day, no matter what name we go by, this school exists to honor him and all the other teachers who gave their life's work to creating such an environment of learning, and empowerment. The school is now run by Sifu Michael Johnson, who has been selected by his Master to take over the Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association and college. Respecting his teacher's wishes, Sifu Michael changed the name of the school to what it is today, Cloud Forest Chin Woo College of Martial Sciences. As a martial college, we don't just teach one system. We teach many systems and help guide students to understand that not every martial arts system is right for every person, of every body type and every personality. Learning a martial art is very personal, and the decision as to which systems you learn should be made with that in mind. We help guide students to a place of empowerment and confidence. We are here to serve the community and to help others learn that they have the ability to protect themselves and to live life the way they choose to do so.


Michael Johnson is a Kung Fu Sifu and President of the Cloud Forest Chin Woo association, school and college. He is carrying on the vision of many Grandmasters who wished to have the kind of school that students of all ages, race, religion and gender could attend to learn martial arts. We aim to create a new generation of martial artists, who understand the old traditional methods of fighting, and of the old art, but also a generation who can see how the world has changed, how many of the rules of defending yourself and your family have also changed. We are a philosophical fighting school who trains with many different weapons, offers both Chinese and Okinawan systems, and find opportunities to bring in Grandmaster teachers and world champions from all over the world to guest teach. We are fighters, teachers, students...none of us ever stop learning, no matter how much experience we have. All the instructors who work here are Masters at their own craft, where it be Western Boxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Goju Ryu or a family Kung Fu system...we know how to teach and what to teach. We are looking for our community and martial arts family to grow and we invite you to help us create that next generation martial artist who is moral, just, tolerant, ethical, and d*&n dangerous when they need to be.


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As we said above, we are always working towards building a newer, better generation of martial artist who will help build back the local community, support those who struggle, and defend those who need help. We believe that for the world to change, we must help change those closest to us first. That starts within these school walls. We are a family-oriented, safe training facility for those who want to learn how to over-come their anxiety, their fear, their weakness...for those who want to know more about understand more of their nature, and to give purpose to those who seem lost. We will teach you the punching and the kicking. We will teach you how to practically defend yourself. And for those who are interested, we will also teach you the art behind the striking. We will teach you the way of martial arts, not just how to do martial arts. We are seeking people from our local communities who will come learn with us, and help us stand up to the direction that the world seems to be moving towards. It's such a dangerous world out there, but it was created to be beautiful. We want all of our students and our local community to see the beauty in the world before they see how dangerous it is. We will train you well for the dangerous part, but that's more of a necessity these days. We also want you to experience the language, the culture and the gracefulness of the art behind the martial arts.