Michael Johnson, Sifu

  • Master Michael Johnson, Sifu has been training for 29 years in the Martial Arts.
  • Doctorate in Philosophy in Traditional Martial Arts from International Theological College
  • PhD in Metaphysics from International Theological College
  • Elected President & C.E.O. of Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association
  • Elected President & C.E.O. of Cloud Forest Chin Woo College of Martial Sciences
  • Co-Founder of Greensboro Martial Arts Academy
  • 6th Duan Shaolin Kung Fu and Emperor's Long Fist
  • Certified Chin Na Master
  • Kuo Shu Level A Ranked Judge
  • Certified & Licensed Neuromuscular Medical Massage & Bodywork Therapist
  • National Board-Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified Qigong Master Teacher
  • International Cupping Association Member
  • Certified Cranial Sacrum Therapist
  • Certified Body-Talk Therapist
  • Reiki Healer Master Level
  • 2020 Recipient of Masters & Pioneers Who's Who Martial Arts Hall of Honors Award
  • 38th Generation Inheritor of Emperor's Long Fist, Five Family Fist Shaolin & Natural Fist
  • Recipient of the 25th year appointment of Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association Chairman
  • Certified Iron Palm & Iron Body Teacher
  • Official rank of Zong Nan Jue, 3rd Degree Baronet
  • Feudal Military Rank and Title of Chuang Yuan
  • Member of International Dragon's Society
  • Member of International Martial Arts Federation
  • Member of Wah Chiao Guo Ji Hui (Overseas Chinese Martial Arts Association)
  • Member of World Chinese Martial Arts Federation
  • Member of Golden Lion Kuo Shu of Taiwan
  • Member of Wei Family Style Tai Chi Association
  • Member of Indonesian Pentjak-Silat Association
  • Member of International Shaolin Wu Su General Committee
  • Master Teacher of Taoist Internal System of Qigong, Metaphysics, and Meditation
  • Trained in Judo, Jujitsu, Okinawan Kempo, Modern Arnis, Small-Circle Jujitsu
  • Personal student of Bruce Juchnik, Kosho Ryu Kempo
  • Sei Kosho Sorei Kai Okuden Member
  • Discipled under Wei Jung Dao (Guardian of the Middle Way)
  • Professional background in criminal justice, theatre performance, theatre management, theatre education & Stage Combat
  • Over 35,000 hours of professional healing arts practice
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