Grandmaster David E. Kash has nearly 41 years of experience in the martial arts and Chinese Medicine. Since the age of ten, he has spent much of his life in monasteries and temples both here and abroad. Although now a Christian, Sifu Kash was formerly an ordained Taoist Priest, which was essential in gathering the information that many seek. His accomplishments are renowned worldwide.

Grandmaster David E. Kash, 10th Grandmaster of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Emperor's Longfist, PhD Chinese Medicine

His teachers include Yi Feng, Wong Ark-YueyChao Yuh Feng, C.C. Chong, General Pan Sung Lee, W.L. Chang, the famous Kai Dhiegh and Chao Li Chih to name a few. People seeking to train with any one of these teachers would consider themselves blessed beyond reason due to the true nature of the information they carry. Kash is a direct inheritor of several systems and the 36th Chang Men Jen and keeper of the books for the Tai Tsu Chang Chuan system (Emperor's Long Fist) in the Western Hemisphere under Grandmaster Chao. He is among the last of the living inheritors of the Shaolin Temple Five Family Fist system.

Sifu Kash has many titles and accomplishments, many of which have never been given to a non-Chinese. He was an ordained monk and he has a Ph.D. in Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, Religion, and Theology. He is an internationally certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine and is registered with the government of the Republic of China with the Ministry of the Interior and the Administrative Health Department of the Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Association.

Sifu Kash is one of the few Americans who have received a Doctorate of Martial Arts, holding the international rank of 10th Duan Grandmaster. He is an Internationally Certified Grandmaster of Chinese Martial Arts, Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Medicine and Chi Kung. He was featured with the famous Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Pan Ching Fu in a special edition of the “World's Top One Hundred Exceptional Martial Artists”. The award was signed by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. Kash represents several Chinese Government Associations in the United States as a Branch President and is qualified to certify students internationally in both Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine. He has stepped down into Retirement from the position of CEO of the Cloud Forest Chin Woo Association, Selecting Sifu Michael Johnson as the new current CEO/President of the Association.

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